Click to Start
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 19 July 2011
Written by Lisa Kudrow & Don Roos & Dan Bucatinsky
Directed by Don Roos
Episode Guide
"Desperate Measures"
Click to Start is the first episode of the first season. It aired on July 19, 2011 on Showtime. This is the first episode of the series.


Fiona Wallice develops a new brand of therapy for the Internet, called Web Therapy. To generate interest, she contacts an old employer with whom she's had a dicey past and takes on a client who has a highly promotable problem.


"That was the longest shower in history. What do you do in there?" -- first line

In the beginning of the episode, Fiona is setting everything up in her new home office. Her husband walks in and she

Fiona's session with Richard

explains her new career--a therapy buisness through internet chatting. She gets her husband to use the webcam on his computer so she can practice using it for her work, also while having Kip pretend like he's a client she's never seen before. Kip talks about his marrital issues, then leaves for work.

Later, Fiona connects with Richard Pratt, who seems to be an old friend. Richard's unsure about doing online therapy, but Fiona assures him he's going to love it.

During the session, Richard brings up an incident at an office that happened between Fiona and him. The incident included Richard being let on by Fiona, and then him attempting to kiss her. Fiona, however, says that she was not trying to get him to kiss her and called his attempt a "sexual crime". Fiona thinks that Richard connected with her to fix his "shattered romanic self" after being let down by Fiona, but he tells her that he'd connected with her because he was having issues with his girlfriend. Fiona, who's disappointed in hearing this, ends the session.


Fiona connects with Gina

In the next session, Fiona connects with Gina, who was brought up in her previous session with Richard. Gina is an ex-co-worker of Fiona's at Lockman Brothers. Fiona asks Gina if she's seen Richard's new girlfriend (showing that she may be jealous), to which Gina replies as her being "very voluptuous". Fiona asks Gina to schedule her an appointment for Thursday, but Gina doesn't comprehend right then because she's a bit dim-sided.

Fiona connects with Richard and she seems to be wearing a sexy dress and has her hair styled. Richard compliments Fiona's looks. Fiona brings up Richard's girlfriend issues. While discussing his girlfriend's issue with not taking her medication, Fiona sends Richard a picture of via e-mail. The picture is of her in a red dress with him. Fiona states that Richard looks much happier in that picture than he does right now. Richard denies saying that he was drunk and that Fiona was incouraging him to make advances. Fiona says that Richard's interpretation was incorrect and that she was not encouraging him to make advances. Fiona then attempts to convince Richard that he needs to be with a smarter and sexier woman rather than one who's insecure. Richard then conjures the idea to marry his wife. Richard then leaves the session and asks Shelia to "get on her party dress".

Later, Fiona connects with Kipp, even though she's just downstairs. Kipp doesn't understand why Fiona needs $250,000 for a start-up fee. Fiona then brings up the incident with her and Richard at Lockman Brothers. Kipp says that he's never heard of the incident before and that the only way that money is made on the internet is by sex or genelogy--not therapy, although she supports her desicion to be apart of Web Therapy.

Fiona connects with one of her regular clients, Jerome. Jerome has previously worked with Fiona physically and is new to Web Therapy. Jerome also details that he's made an appointment with another therapist who deals with psycho-sexual incest issues. Fiona becomes offended that Jerome assumed that she didn't deal in incest issues. She then convices Jerome to being having sessions with her and his fiance, Hayley.


  • Lisa Kudrow as Fiona Wallice
  • Tim Bagely as Richard Pratt
  • Dan Bucatinsky as Jerome Sokoloff
  • Jennifer Elise Cox as Gina Spinks
  • Victor Garber as Kipp Wallice

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