Serena Duvall
First seen
"Psychic Friends Part 1" (Web Therapy)
"Psychic Analysis" (Web Therapy TV series)
Last seen
"Psychic Friends Part 3"(Web Therapy)
"Psychic Analysis"(Web Therapy TV series)
Appeared in
3 episodes
Portrayed by
Serena Duvall is a psychic who appears in three episodes of Web Therapy. In the TV series, she enlists Fiona because her psychic gifts have become blocked.

She is portrayed by Courtney Cox.

Web Therapy (TV series)Edit

Serena contacts Fiona in hopes that Fiona can help unblock her psychic abilities. Fiona doesn't believe in psychics.

Web Therapy (Web series)Edit


  • Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow also starred as best friends in the 1994-2004 TV series Friends.

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